Two, Please!

Lately friends, I’ve realized that there really should be two of me. There’s only so much one of me can do, and I set my bar pretty high most days. It’s not any certain thing or person that I need more time for or anything like that. Sometimes I just feel stretched to my limit. Wife. Mother. Friend. Moe. I wear a lot of titles and I cherish each one of them, but some days I want to go run and hide, and not so much from others, but from myself. I put an enormous amount of pressure on myself that no one really understands. It’s not something that I can even control either. It’s not in me to say no if I actually can help. My body is already up and moving to help, even when I’m not asked. I just feel it in me to help or make someone feel better or happy. I take time for me too, but I’m always tuned in, just in case someone drops a hint or has a like that I can fulfill. There’s just not enough time in the day for all I want to do, ya know. I don’t want to give so much that I’m burnt out all the time, but I also want to give more. It’s an unforgiving cycle. I’ve already started to get a little better with my time management. I have a busy few months ahead, but I haven’t double-booked anything and I’ve made sure to only say yes if I absolutely can do something. Cloning a sheep is one thing, cloning a Moe is an entirely different matter. I suppose I’ll always want more of me to go around; to help, to love, to brighten the lives of others. For now, all I can do is remember that I’m only one person and that when needed, reinforcements are always appreciated. 🙂

What are some things that you like to do when you take time for yourself?


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