Mother, may I?

There is a part of the day I hate. It’s not the early morning hours. It’s not the late, sleepless nights.

It’s the after-school hours.

My daughter… I love her. She is just like me – loud, no filter, and talks ALL the time.

This is why she drives me crazy also.

The few hours after school have become a time of “Mommy can I…” I want to scream. Don’t get me wrong, I love curiosity, but this isn’t that. This is “can I have a snack” “can I go to (fill in child’s name)’s house?” “Can I play in the water hose?”

If I hear one more “Mommy can I,” I might just run screaming into the night. Since that isn’t an option, I will grit my teeth, and smile through the questions. And maybe eat some chocolate. 



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