Awake? Sure.

This morning I think my eyes literally cried out, “Dammit, already?! Whyyyyyy?”, at least, that’s what I pictured them saying. Sleep has always been somewhat elusive for me. Some nights I go to bed no problem; hello pillow, hello sleep, the end. Then other nights it sort of plays out like this: I get into bed and snuggle under my super warm blanket and watch a man cook dessert on a hammock. The baby is asleep and dangerously close to the edge of her bed, ready to fall out. She’s sleeping in my room for the time being, but that’s another story. I get up and shuffle her to the other side of her bed and put a giant stuffed animal behind her, even though between you and me, she’ll roll right over it and faceplant onto the floor anyway. Around the time I get back into bed after my useless, stuffed Bubble Guppy sleep barricade, the hubby comes in. He’s talking about space fleets and missions and code names that really leave me wondering if he is actually a grown man still. I digress; that story is even longer. He checks a few emails on his phone and chuckles with me over some of our various facebook acquaintances. Then together we wonder how one guy could get kicked off the show for not being able to taste the crab in his crabcake, but the guy whose pineapple upside down cake didn’t quite have a strong pineapple flavor, won! He falls asleep during the next episode, where one chef is pouring cocktails while wearing beer goggles. I sometimes want to flick him in jealousy, but I don’t. I do the next best thing and put a movie I’ve seen a million times on. Usually it’s the movie “The Help”, because it’s ALWAYS on. (Spoiler alert) Somewhere around “Two slice Hilly” realizing that her eating shit pie is quickly becoming a best seller, I realize that I am not, in fact, going to beat level 655 of Candy Crush…sigh. I also realize that I’m not going to sleep until after 1am. 2am rolls around and I’m back to flipping around for a new channel. I usually settle on the end of two different movies I’ve already seen. I’m weird, it’s 2am, and you’re sleeping, so don’t judge! 🙂  3am rolls around and I know I have to force sleep, or it will be a scene out of The Walking Dead in the morning. Sleep usually comes on slowly and sometimes I have a nightmare. If that happens I wake up and have to make sure the baby is breathing. Then I hit the bed and pass out for real. My eyes have forgotten that they’ll be opening in 2 hours and 45 minutes. Now you know why I’m pretty sure that they yelled out this morning.  Dammit, I’m tired and I need coffee.

(sips coffee) Do you have trouble sleeping? What do you do to try to fall asleep?


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