The Good Wife?

My husband’s friends always say I’m such a cool wife and he tells me how nice they think I am. I don’t feel so nice right now. I had a small argument with him tonight and while it was very mild and ended quickly, the look on his face made me feel like we’d been through the ringer. He looked so defeated and I realized I put that look there. I think he’s always anticipating my anger and an argument. That’s the last thing I’d ever want him to feel, but I’d say about 20% of the time, that’s the wife he gets…the bitchy, mean one who can’t control her anger. So moving forward I’ll write this here and practice at home.  

1. I will try not to be so quick to get mad when something doesn’t go how I hoped it would.

2. I will try not to snap at my husband for no good reason.

3. I will try to be the good person his friends think I am, the real me, who actually is kind, all the time.

4. I will try to be the kind and loving wife I am the other 80% of the time, even when we argue, instead of turning into someone ugly who I don’t recognize.

5. I will try my best. When I give something the best of me, it’s 120%. (Math was never my strong suit)

I don’t want to see that look on his face anymore, so I will try to change. It’s never too late to change. Words and actions hurt and I need to change mine for the better. Wish me luck.


Do you regret how you say things or how you act when you’re mad? If not, how do you stay focused and act maturely when you’re angry?


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