Cartoon Crazy

So my morning normally consists of watching cartoons with my 2- year-old. I usually let her pick what to watch, sometimes actually creating my own insanity. Here are ten crazy things I’ve learned.  Join me for a laugh if you can relate.

#1 Goofy can’t say the word mousekatool, but can speak fluently in both chicken and turtle! Wtf?!

#2 No one bats an eye at the talking cactus in Sheriff Callie, but when bluejays start stealing the corn, watch out!!

#3 Sophia the First can speak to animals and sees the Disney princesses on occasion, but can’t pronounce Mr. Cedric’s name right.

#4 Dogs can’t speak in most cartoons and remain pets, even though other animals that are also well known as pets, can. Poor Pluto.

#5 In Peppa Pig the entire cast of characters will frequently laugh out loud and then fall over. I always want to yell: Timber!!!

#6 Dora the Explorer travels through a jungle and has a wild monkey for a friend and no one questions this. Even worse, when she asks a question.and looks at the camera waiting for an answer, you find yourself answering and are secretly pleased when she says, “that’s right!”.

#7  You begin to memorize songs. True story, our friend, who has no kids of his own, has been staying with us for a short while. By week two, he was unconsciously singing along with Jake and the Neverland Pirates.

# 8 You start negotiating over your favorite episodes with the 2-year-old when she wants to change the channel.

#9 Mike the Knight is kind of an asshole. Just sayin’.

#10 When you find yourself watching the show after your kid is already asleep, you realize that YOU were the target all along. I urge you to find a hobby.

I have to go watch Doc McStuffins now, I mean…okay you got me, I DO like it and now I think it’s time for the big book of boo boos!!


What’s your favorite cartoon to watch with your kid?


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