Concert High

I have spoken before about my love of music, and how it really speaks to my soul. This past week, Moe and I, along with our friend Kara Beth, went to see Jason Mraz.

In case you have missed it, let me take this chance to tell you how much I truly love Mr. A-Z. I don’t even think I can put it into words, it’s that much love. Everything about him just radiates charisma… he is so funny, so sexy, and that voice… I can’t even. I literally can’t even.

Thursday night we were sitting row H… ROW H, people. That is THISCLOSE to the stage. When he walked on stage, my heart dropped to my feet. He was so close to us. I thought about rushing the stage. Here was my thought process…

Stalker Me: “We are so close to the stage.”

Rational Me: “I know.”

Stalker Me: “I could get there, and touch him before security could get to me.”

Rational Me: “No you couldn’t, you’re too fat.”

Stalker Me: “Psh! I could make it. That’s Jason Freaking Mraz. I can move fast if I’m motivated enough.”

Eventually, rational me won out and I decided not to rush the stage. I think it was the fact that when he walked on the stage, I was frozen. Completely unable to move.

Then he started singing. Gasp! He opened the show with my favorite song, “Beautiful Mess” which he co-wrote with his opening act/band-for-the-night, Raining Jane. I can’t even explain the things that happen to my heart when that man sings… and dances. I am constantly torn between the desire to close my eyes and get lost in his music, and stare at him wide-eyed until my eyes bled from lack of blinking.

The amount of passion this man puts into his music is just awe-inspiring, and takes my breath away. I, at one point in the night, found that I had to force myself to take a breath, because I was so lost in the music, I couldn’t breathe on my own.

At one point, he broke into opera. Freaking opera. He freaking sings opera. Beautifully. He sings opera so beautifully, I cried.

Truly though, outside of my infatuation for this man’s sexiness, his music really speaks to my soul. He has some of the most inspiring songs I’ve heard. And, I love to see how his music has evolved through his years of music.

His early stuff will always be some of my favorites (less inspiring and more fun and funky), but his new stuff gets me too.

Who’s music speaks to you?



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