Mason Jar Salads


Mason Jar Salads are one of my favorite easy lunches to make. They are made in layers so that your ingredients stay fresh and not soggy in the dressing. So, they are the perfect make ahead for busy moms, working folk, or lazy people like me who need a quick lunch that doesn’t need to be prepared at the time of consumption.

Start with your dressing of choice. As you can tell, I like dressing. I make homemade ranch so it is less calorie packed that a store bought, so I can use a little more.


Then add tomatoes, cucumbers, or anything else “hard” that won’t get soggy in the dressing.
What’s your favorite quick lunch?

Then I throw in some dried cranberries…. Oh my wow. I loved dried cranberries on my salad. If you like pecans or walnuts, add here now too.

Next, I add HOT boiled eggs. I use hot because it helps to seal the jar and keep the, fresh longer… Think vacuum seal. I make a layer with these slices that forms a barrier.

Then comes shredded cheese, and finally spinach or lettuce. Top with your jar seal and ring, and place in the fridge.

These always last at least 5 days for me. They will keep longer if you don’t add your dressing at all, then you can just throw it on when you eat it.



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  1. Hello, Sugar says:

    Great recipe! Love the tip about using hot eggs to seal the jar.


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