Roast Beef – It’s What’s for Dinner

We were trying to decide on something quick we could do for dinner one night and it hit me: roast beef sandwiches…but the easy way. So all I did was run to the store and pick up a pound of roast beef (you can adjust the amount to the size of your family) and grinder/hoagie rolls. I toasted the rolls while Josh mixed up a couple of packets of gravy with water in a saucepan, until it was piping hot. Then once the rolls were toasted, he just dipped a few slices of the thin roast beef into the hot gravy and then plopped it on the roll. I added the cheese with more gravy on the top, and it melted right away on the sandwich. The next time we have it, I think we’ll make some fries and grill some onions too, but for a quick and filling sandwich for dinner, it hit the spot. Hope this yummy idea comes in handy sometime for when you don’t know what to make and you need something easy.




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