Midwestern Fall


I have traveled around the country many times, and have a few favorite spots that always take my breath away, but nothing – and I mean nothing – stands close to Fall in the Midwest. The massive, breathtaking views of the ocean. The mountains that reach past the clouds. Nothing beats the sights of a walk through a Midwestern town in the Fall.

Every Fall I seem to sit and wait for the leaves to change with the anticipation of a child on Christmas morning. Then all of the sudden, without warning I will wake up and it seems the leaves have turned overnight. What was green, is now beautiful reds, yellows, deep browns, and vibrant oranges – even some purples. It’s like the most beautiful masterpiece painting.

My heart fills with joy when I drive through town and see these beautiful colors, and feel the crisp air nipping at my cheeks. It makes me realize that Thanksgiving is just around the corner – and this girl loves Thanksgiving.



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