Dream Big

Last night, I sat in the living room listening to my 7 year old daughter write a song on her guitar. She sang a line or two and strummed along with the words, stopping every-so-often to rephrase a word or yell out “Mom, how do you spell ____?” I would slowly spell out the word for her, and she would go back to singing and picking.

It’s a really wonderful thing to see your children doing what makes them happy and, more importantly, using the gifts that God has blessed them with. When I tucked her into bed last night, she closed up her little composition book and said, “you can’t read it.” I didn’t, but I did see on her paper where she had written things, and marked through them and written something else.

I was truly in awe of how she seemed so grown-up in those moments. How she has found something she loves and she isn’t afraid to try it. She has asked for a “real” guitar for Christmas, and she will get one from her grandparents. Daddy and mommy will get her picks and a stand to go with it for her birthday (4 days after Christmas). She also wants a ukulele – pink, of course. But, I know that even if she didn’t get these things for Christmas, she would still be singing and writing music.

It has occurred to me over the last few days/weeks that my children are really starting to find themselves and figure out what makes them happy. Their personalities are starting to shine, and they are becoming young adults – even at 11 and 7.

I pray for my children often, and the people they are becoming. I want them to grow up knowing they are loved – to never question that fact. I want them to develop security and self worth. I want them to know that no matter what their dreams are, their mother and father will support them – always. I want them to know that regardless of their choices, I will always be their biggest fan.

I want them to know that while poor choices effect their lives, they do not define who they are. I want them to never fear failure, or making a mistake. I want them to learn to fall, and know that when they do, I will be there to help them back up again. I want them to know, without a doubt, there is nothing they can do that will ever make me stop loving them – NOTHING. I want them to follow their dreams, and never listen to a world that tells them they can’t.

But mostly, I just want them to live a life of which they are proud – and to always feel safe to follow their dreams within the walls of our little home.

What are your biggest dreams for your children?



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