Yes, You Can!


It looks like an ordinary can of soup right? Well sadly for a lot of families it might be the only hot meal for the day. Can drives are just one of the many ways you can try to help out your local community. Chances are you always have an extra can of soup, vegetables, or fruit in your pantry. You can let it sit there for a few weeks or a few months on a shelf, but I want you to picture it bringing a smile to someone who may not have the comfort of a full belly. It really breaks my heart to think of any person, young or old, going hungry when I have extra to give. If you have a little extra, I urge you to check with your local library, church, or supermarket, anywhere that might have a can/food drive, and donate. You could be the difference in someone’s day, maybe even their week. Never let someone go hungry if you can help it. You never know if one day that might be you.


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