Sweet Dreams

This is for all of you mommies and daddies out there who wake up each morning more tired than you were when you went to bed. For every parent who almost cries yourself when you hear that baby wail for the 14th time in he middle of the night. For every parent who walks through life as a zombie wondering if you will ever get to restart your love affair with your bed and pillow.

It gets better… eventually.

My daughter has never been a sleeper. This was something no one believed until we went on vacation with my in laws when she was 6 weeks old. On night two, my mother-in-law said, “you weren’t lying. She never sleeps and she cries all the time.”

At some point the crying stopped, but the lack of sleep didn’t. Flash forward to years 5 and 6. She still never slept. I would go to bed at 11 and she would still be awake in her bed singing or talking to her dolls. Then she would be back up at 6 or 7 the next morning… after waking at least once, sometimes more, through the night.

I was beginning to think she would never sleep.

Then the last two months happened. She sleeps. Something happened inside her, and I’m not kidding, she is like a new kid. For the last two months, she has been going to bed at 7:30 or 8:00, and not waking up until I wake her at 6:30ish for school. And most nights, she isn’t even turning her tv on for sleep like she usually does.

Tonight, at 7:00 she walked in my room and kissed me on the cheek and said, “goodnight mommy.” Then walked into her room and put herself to bed. Lights out, no movie. I walked in few minutes later to tuck her in, and she was already asleep.

Folks, this is a BIG deal. HUGE.

For anyone who has been where we have been with sleeping, you understand the struggle. For anyone going through this. It does get better… eventually.

It took us 7 3/4 years… But we got there.

Stay strong, fellow mommy and daddy zombies. I feel your pain, and tonight I will think of you as I drift off to dream land. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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