Cinnamon Ornaments

I know it’s early for some to be thinking about Christmas, but in my house it’s Christmas already. Our trees are up (all 8 of them) and our stockings are hung. I started thinking about Christmas a few weeks ago (I know, I hear your shaming), and got started on these adorable and great smelling Cinnamon Ornaments with my mom’s help.


I love these ornaments because they are so wonderful smelling, and they are so simple to make. We have a few of these that I made when I was in grade school and they are still hanging on my mom’s tree.





It’s a big deal in our family to decorate the tree. Every year when I was younger we would pick a night and put up the Christmas decorations. I can still remember how much much fun it was to look back each year at the ornaments.


Now, as an adult, I have brought this tradition into my own house. Each year, as early as I can convince my family to do it, we bring out our Christmas decorations, and we decorate the tree. We hang stockings, put up wreaths, set out the nativity scene, and wrap the banister in garland. It is so much fun watching our own kids look back at the ornaments we have and talk about remembering when they made them.





This year, my son is almost big enough to put on the star. By next year, it will be a big deal for him to get to do it. I have brought ornaments from my childhood and I hang those on my own tree. It’s a lot of fun to tell my kids about them. They are old and showing signs of age – rust and scuffs – but that is what makes them so special. One day, I hope my kids can look back at them on their own trees and remember the history in those small ornaments.



Our kids are already making their own traditions, and our tree is full of hand made ornaments and each one holds a special story of it’s own. So, these cinnamon ornaments were the perfect addition to our trees.


What’s your favorite Christmas ornament? Does it hold a special memory?




1 cup applesauce

1.5 cup ground cinnamon (just get the cheap stuff)

2 TBSP Elmers Glue (you can use an off brand here too)

Paint, Glitter, Buttons, other Decorations

Ribbon or Ornament Hooks

Rolling Pin

Extra Cinnamon

Wax paper

Cookie Sheets or Drying Racks


Mix together applesauce, glue, and cinnamon. If it is too sticky and wet, add a little more cinnamon. If it is too dry, add a little more applesauce. You want it to be the same consistency as play dough.

Place dough on wax paper and sprinkle with extra cinnamon, then roll out. You can also roll it between two pieces of plastic wrap, but this has never worked well for me.

Using a cookie cutter, cut the ornaments into shapes. Remember at this point to poke a hole in the top for your ribbon or hook. We use an ice pick, but you can also use a drinking straw.

Drying Instructions:

There are a couple of different methods to drying these. We always make them a couple days ahead of time and allow them to air dry on cookie cooling racks. We always allow 48 hours for drying time, just to make sure.

If you live in a humid climate (or you are impatient), you might want to opt for the oven drying method. Place the ornaments on cooling racks, set cooling racks on cookie sheets, and bake on 200* for 2 1/2 hours. This method is faster, but can result in curling or cracking, so this is not my preferred method of drying.

After drying is completed, use paint, glitter, buttons… basically anything your little heart desires, and decorate. Tie a ribbon through the hole, or use an ornament hook and hang on your tree after they are dry! Simple!




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