Signing Out

So remember a little while ago when I made those cute chore signs that rhymed and posted a blog about it? ‎ Yeah, they’re not so cute anymore and my patience has run out. I took most of them down and had yet another talk with my girls. I need to regroup and figure out something that will work for us. I’m truly tired of repeating myself. I don’t actually like yelling or lecturing. That usually happens the most when I’m at the end of my rope and have found yet another pile of clothes or mess or trash, after my girls have sworn that they’ve finished their chores. I think the lie hurts more than the mess. I’m considering a punch card chore/reward method (introduced to me by our blog friend Dena). One way or another, I want my girls to understand that if they do a job, any job, it needs to be done well. I’m not going to go around with a white glove or bounce quarters off of anything, but I expect a level of clean that I KNOW they’re capable of, because I’ve seen the amazing things they can do when they put some effort into it. I just wanted to be real with all of our readers and show you that even with the best of intentions, some ideas just don’t work. I’ll keep trying and keep you all posted. Also, if the sign idea works for your kiddos, let HOH know. We’d love to hear about it or any ideas you have.


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