Deck the Halls #handmadechristmas

Ya’all, I LOVE Christmas! I mean, love it!! If Buddy the Elf were human, I think I might be him. Decorating for Christmas is just about the most amazing thing – I look forward to it every year!

This year, Moe and I decided to make a few handmade Christmas decorations. I am including a few pictures of new and old crafts. I would love to hear your comments and see some of your handmade crafts!

1. Clearance Wreath Updo

Handmade Wreath.
Handmade Wreath.

This wreath was made with clearance items. I bought a foil wreath on clearance at the local Wal-Mart, and then used clearance items from the Dollar Tree (can you get any better than $1 items, clearanced out???) to fill it in. The end result was…. well, it was awesome! Hanging there in the middle is our Santa Key. Because we don’t have a chimney, we have a Santa Key. It’s an old key tied to a tag that says “There is no chimney here, you see. So, here’s a magic Christmas tree. This key only works with Santa’s special powers, for him to use in the wee hours. Use it only if you’re able, then after your cookies and milk, leave it on the table.”

The entire wreath cost $7


2. Vase – of – Base


Okay, that isn’t really a good name, but it’s the only catchy thing I could come up with. This one was easy. A vase, that I found again at the local Wal-Mart. Fill it with red and silver ting-tings. These are the sparkly stick things you find on the Christmas aisle for only a few dollars. This entire set up cost me $5

3. Handmade wreath #2



I’m a sucker for clearance wreaths. This one is made with a clearance foil wreath again, some of the sparkly stick things (ting-tings) from the Christmas aisle, and a repurposed bow from a gift my niece gave me. Total Cost $5.

4. Christmas Card Holder

wpid-wp-1417453959345.jpeg wpid-wp-1417453970337.jpeg

Here are two variations. The first is made with a plastic shutter, the second a wooden. Both used beaded fringe, and mini clothes pins (painted to match). The top is decorated with buttons and lace to give it a shabby-chic feel, while the bottom is decorated with black ribbon. Total cost $0 – I had all of these supplies lying around.

5. Bowl of Balls


This is actually a plate of balls, but whatevs, man. I used extra Christmas balls, some tulle, and a repurposed bow… I sat it all on an old plate, and voila! The balls are strung through the tulle so that they stay in place. It’s simple, but adds a little pizzazz to the table. I think this on a black plate, with silver balls, and black tulle and ribbon would be GORG!!  Total cost $0… again, I had this all lying around.

6. Mistletoe Hangy Thingy



This, I kinda love. I took some of our extra silver Christmas balls, tied them onto red ribbon, then tied the ribbon all together at one end. I added the mistletoe to the top, and some black and silver ribbon for an added touch. Done. It hangs in my doorway from to the dining room, this year – but, last year I had it above my dining table, and it was beautiful. Total cost $0.

These are simple and cost effective decorations using free or low cost items. I love to find ways to repurpose items… especially Christmas items! 

What are some of your favorite handmade decorations?



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