Nice Skirt ;)

Hey, hey, hey!!! I was over at Aleah’s and we decided to be Christmas crafty. 🙂 She worked on her shutter cardholders and I chose to do something with my tree skirt. Okay, I bought my tree skirt at the dollar store and it’s just…tiny. I needed to make it just a bit bigger to have it look right under our tree. I decided to use some tulle (said like tool) and give my skirt a little ruffle! Out came the glue gun! We were gluing fools swapping it back and forth to attach some tulle here and some lace there.

Here’s a before pic of my sad, little tree skirt.



Here’s the tulle I used. Such a simple way to make it look a little more full and fancy.




At first I thought I’d have to pin the folds in place, but the glue proved plenty effective at keeping the tulle secure to the back of the skirt.




With a little patience, I had a nice little ruffle in no time. Just glue, fold, press. There were a few times when the fold popped back up but I just used the tip of the glue gun to press it back down. (Note: make sure your folds are all the same way. I had to keep checking mine to make sure.)




When it was all done I put it under the tree to see the difference and I loved it!


And here’s how it looks with a few wintery friends on it.


It just goes to show ya it doesn’t take much to add a little more flare to a plain skirt.

Have you done something crafty to update any of your decorations? We’d love to see. Leave a comment or a pic. 🙂



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