Shop with a Cop #holidaypayitforward

Our town has a program called Shop with a Cop.

This is a program in which school counselors can, with parental permission, sign a child up to shop with a cop for Christmas. The kiddos go with the cops to the store and pick out presents and clothes. The items are then purchased, wrapped, and given to the children for their Christmas.

The local elementary schools partner with this program by offering Dollars for Denim for this program. The teachers/staff at the schools can pay a dollar (or more) toward this program, and are then allowed to wear jeans for the number of dollars they put in. $2 equals 2 jeans days at work… if you haven’t ever worked in a school, you don’t understand the importance of jeans days.

I don’t know all the details to this program, but I know it is a really fantastic program in our community and gets a lot of children gifts when they might not otherwise have them.

Check with your local elementary schools or chamber of commerce to see how you can help provide Christmas for a child.

Pay it forward!!

~Aleah and Moe


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