Last Friday my children and I were involved in a car accident. We were stopped and were hit from behind by a driver who did not stop. She was going fast. My Children were injured. I was injured. I was terrified.

In moments like that you lose time. I was focused on my children who were feet away in an ambulance while police were trying to ask me questions that I couldn’t answer. My babies were hurt. I didn’t want to answer questions, I wanted to stop time, scoop them up, and hold them as tightly as I could.

Since the accident, I have woken every night in a panic. My heart racing and palms sweating, I awaken thinking I have been in the accident again. I quickly realize I am not, but it takes me a while to fall back to sleep.

My kids have also been emotionally harmed. Both kids have told me they are anxious about the wreck, or can’t stop thinking about it. This hurts me.

The young girl who hit us was being careless, and in an instant she changed our lives. Thankfully, even though she hit us at a high speed, despite our current injuries and the state of my car, we are all alive. I know this could have been so much worse than it was, with any number of other factors. But, I know this accident will have a ripple effect that will continue on for much longer than any of us are anticipating.



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