Sigh. Why is it so hard to come up with interesting things to blog about? I was going to post my hubby’s stuffin’ muffin recipe today, but alas, here I am writing about why I’m not posting it. Let me break down what I was thinking…WARNING: You are about to enter the inner sanctum of my thoughts, where none have dared to venture before. Turn back now while you still can!

Okay, now that that’s done, here’s the deal. I was going to type up the recipe, complete with pictures, but realized that since my husband just guesses the times to things and just adds a cup or two of this and a dash of that, I don’t have a solid recipe to hand over. Then I thought, I’m going to have to actually ask him and I know just what he’ll say. Husband: “I don’t know how long, about 30 minutes?” and then I’ll say: “Didn’t you time it?” and he’ll say: “No,but I think that was about how long.” and then I’ll huff and be grumpy and he’ll say: “Just tell them until it’s golden brown and a little crispy on top.”

And that’s when my thoughts kick in. Sure sweetie. I’ll just tell the mom or dad with their three-year-old (who in my mind is like my 3-year-old) that is repeating some crazy dream to them while they’re trying this stuffing recipe for the first time, to just check the oven now and then and see if it’s browned on the top and crispy. It may be 30 minutes, or maybe not. Then I picture that same mom or dad frustrated with a muffin tray of black lumps of stuffing coal. And just for good measure I’ll go on and visualize the opposite scenario where the tray comes out with soggy-ish muffins that are “good enough”, because the 3-year-old is still rambling gibberish in the kitchen and if dinner doesn’t get served soon, it will be a very stuffing-filled breakfast in the morning…with eggs…maybe.

Then I go on to think, Thanksgiving is over. Who wants a stuffing recipe anyway? Then I think, but people have turkey for the holidays, or is that ham? Hmm? Maybe I should post another potato recipe. But I already gave them the recipe for the scalloped mashed potatoes. Mmmmmm potatoes, I could so go for those right now. I should make some tonight. Wait, we don’t have cream. Ugh! I don’t want to go back to Walmart…again! But I have to go anyway for the doughnuts for the school Christmas party tomorrow and the damn candy canes too! Which daughter needs the Velveeta cheese for her class? No, no, I said I’d only get the doughnuts. That other parent is going to have to step up and buy what they said they would. Must not overstep and get Velveeta! Focus, Monique, doughnuts. I can’t get cream, it’s leftover night, and I really don’t feel like cutting up the potatoes anyway.

Then I start talking with myself. “But you wouldn’t have to peel them.” “I know, but it’s such a pain and the 3-year-old will be there, remember her?” “Yeah, so?”  “So she’s going to keep talking to me. Then her sisters will come in and then all I’ll hear is Mom? Hey mom? Mom, guess what?” “Good point, maybe you should skip the cream and get pizza.” “Maybe, but then I have to go get the pizza.” “True,…you’re screwed.” My inner self likes to point this out to me often.

Side note: I warned you to turn back. 🙂

So now you know what went down in my mind while trying to blog a stuffing recipe. Since I have just quite possibly made you even more unmotivated to cook something yummy today, might I suggest pizza? 😉



Unmotivated? Tell me about it. No really, we’d love to hear a funny story or two. It’s nice to know you’re not alone out there.


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