How Moses Got His Groove Back

I watched Exodus: Gods and Kings tonight with Moe… Or as I will now call it, How Moses Got His Groove Back.

I love this story, and will give my full review, but first, can we take a minute to appreciate the awesomeness that is Christian Bale? Wow. Little secret, I like him a lot. If you haven’t seen him in Newsies, you haven’t lived. That’s truth, right there.

But, seriously this movie. Whoever was in charge of casting, GOT IT RIGHT. I am not sure if I have ever watched a movie in which I have loved every single casting choice, until this. It was amazing. I don’t think they could have put together a more amazing cast – despite what current reviews are saying.

This is one of my favorite Biblical stories, because it is a real look at God and his entire personality, and it speaks of true and earnest trust and faith from the Israelites. I mean, 400 years of slavery, a walk through the desert with a crazy man you don’t know, and STILL praising God through it all. That’s faith.

This movie was probably my favorite depiction of this story. I will be honest and say that after reading reviews I didn’t have high hopes for this movie. However, I went into it with an open mind, and a lack of “Christian judgement,” and I truly loved it. No, it doesn’t follow exaclty with every detail of the Bible, but it was a great story.

The sea parted differently than it is depicted in the Bible and other Moses movies, but it was, in my opinion, more believable. This movie fused scientific explanation (the Red Sea thing) with Biblical story.

God in this movie was portrayed to Moses in the form of a child, Malak, played by 11 year old Isaac Andrews. While I was confused by this choice at first, I realized that the Bible doesn’t specify in what form God presented himself to Moses. I believe this form would have been well received by Moses because he had his own child who was about this age. It also showed a sort of innocence and not so much of a domineering God. I think this form made it more believable that Moses would have argued about carrying out this cacamamie plan to free 600,000 Hebrews.

Let’s talk about this Isaac Andrews kid for a minute… He was good. Seriously good. At one point he yelled at Moses, and the hairs on my neck stood up. I wanted to jump up and run to Egypt myself to free the Israelites.

The movie showed God’s anger more than most of the Moses movies have shown, which I appreciated. Because, I’m guessing he was ticked. This pharaoh guy had enslaved his people for 400 years and forced them to worship him, and the guy he wants to take care of it, a.k.a Moses, is arguing with him about it. I’m sure he was like, “Seriously, work with me people. Don’t you realize that one good fire ball from Heaven would wipe every last one of you out?”

I think this was a really great script and a fantastic way to tell this story. I love Ridley Scott and his ability to transform a script into something incredible on screen. I was so happy with this movie.

I actually found myself at moments thinking, “Wow. To have that kind of faith. That’s what I want.” I want to have so much faith in my God that I would rise up against an empire and follow some crazy, hairy guy through the desert for 40 years.

I think this movie was a fantastic way to finish out my year. Did I mention Christian Bale?

Have you seen it? I would love to hear your reviews here!



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