O.C.D – Obsessive Chaos Disorder

It seems that in my planning last year, I failed to set a goal of staying organized and in control of my life. Need proof? Just come look at my house.

As I stated last year, I don’t like to set “resolutions,” because I feel like that sets me up for failure before I start. So instead, I set goals. This year, I am following that same plan as I move into the new year.

To help with my planning, I have decided to set short and long term goals. I want to have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. I have installed a to-do task app on my iPad. I have also installed a dream board on my iPad so I can sleep focused on my short and long term goals.

I will try to keep track of those things on here as best I can… More for my own accountability than anything.

The apps I am using are as follows.

Vision boardDreamCloud Lite and Success Vision Board. I played around with a few different apps before I found one I like. I didn’t want to spend money on an app, since one of my goals for the new year is to save money, so I only used free apps. These are the two free apps I found that I like the best.

To Do Lists Evernote and Reminders. I really
Ike both of these apps because they give you a To-Do list in a check off format, which I love. I like to see my list getting marked off, so this is nice, I am trying to use it every day to help me stay focused and organized.

CalendarsGoogle Calendars and CalenMob. Both are great apps. I love all things Google so I gravitate toward this app naturally, however, on my iPad I have found that the format isn’t quite what I like, so I use the CalenMob app which give me the format I want and syncs to my Google Calendar for work.

What are your favorite apps or tricks to help keep you organized and on task? please share them with us in the contacts!


NEXT TIME: Coming up on Friday, my goals for the new year!


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