Yep,That’s All It Takes

Happy 2015 everyone!! My friend said something yesterday that made me giggle and then got the wheels turning for a blog post. It was my birthday and I told him how excited I was about my new water filter and the new curtain rod in my shower. He jokingly said: “Really? That’s what it takes?” And that got me to thinking…yep, that’s all it takes. Let me share with you some of the other gifts I got. I got a beautiful sign to hang up, a gift card to Wendy’s (yum), a shirt, two games, a movie, and flowers. Do you know what all of these gifts had in common? The people who bought them for me thought of nothing more than making me smile. They loved me with their gifts. I’m rich, you know. Rich in love. It makes my heart happy to know that my friends and family, and of course my hubby, know the things that make me smile. My french fries and frosty will taste even better knowing that it was Aleah that gave them to me :). Our tap water tasted gross to me (like a cup of pool water) and while it didn’t bother my hubby, he still bought me a filter so that I could be happy and drink more water. Be it flowers, food, or a curtain rod, I’ll always be lucky no matter what I get, because above all, I’m loved.


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