Leaps and Bounds

Wow. This week has gotten away from me. I was supposed to have this up on Friday, but I just couldn’t find the time.

Moving into this new year and making goals and plans got me started thinking about where my husband and I started and where we are now, so I wanted to share our starter story!

Our friends at Compass are starting a series on Starter Stories, in which individuals are sharing their tips, hints, nightmares, and successes about moving. For more on their website, these stories, or their services in helping to find a dream home check them out at http://www.urbancompass.com

We got married young. Of course, this meant we were broke. Flat broke. My husband was still in college and I had only had a year of college. We worked and stretched our pennies. Our first house… A tiny two bedroom low income housing duplex, in the ghetto. I’m not kidding about that part. Our neighbors were once investigated by the FBI for being part of an Al Qaeda cell.

It was a little concrete wall and floor house. But we made it work, because rent was only $100 a month.

When my husband graduated and we moved back home, we bought a house. It was small… About 1200 sq. ft…. And had to be completely remodeled. The home had been foreclosed, and the previous owners had trashed it before moving out. They ripped up cabinets, they punched holes in the walls and doors, their animals (or them) went to the bathroom on the carpets.. It was bad.

Thankfully, we had friends and family to help us. I was pregnant and couldn’t do a lot, but I set out to make one room mine. We patched the walls and painted our office room Mizzou gold, or as my mom called it baby poop gold. Then I borrowed a projector from our church and painted a Mizzou tiger logo on the wall.

Our friends ripped wall paper for days… And I mean days. My husbands cousin painted rooms with us. My husband and his father ripped up all the carpets and put down new, fresh carpet. We painted what few cabinets were left in the home. We were on a limited budget and purchased remnant carpets, and sale rack mis-tinted paints… But it was a fresh, clean start in our beautiful little home.

And after a few long months of remodeling, our home was finally ready to live in. It was ours. We had worked, with out friends and family, to make this into something we loved and cherished. And we did love it. It was our home.

Skip ahead 10 years, and we were purchasing our next home. This one bigger (3200 sq. ft.) and not in need of remodeling. We bought it, and it was ready to live in. It’s been a few years and we are just now at the point of having to paint and remodel a few things, but this time it’s fun. We get to do what we want, and save up for the things we really want, instead of taking what we have to in a rush.

Our life has changed so much in the 13 years we have been married. Sometimes I wish I had slowed down more to enjoy it, but here we are and I can’t believe this is my life.

What a difference a few years makes.




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