Get Your Scrub On!

Okay friends, I have a quick little post for today. I found this cool, little, crocheted scrubby pad at a Christmas Bazaar. I was amazed by it because it’s made out of tulle and washable!


I think it cost me like $5 and I love it!! My hubby said he likes it too, but he wished we had more. So I thought to myself, I can make more. So far I made one.  (Pay no attention to the butter in the corner)


I suspect that the woman who made the purple one used a slimmer tulle then mine. It is not as thick as mine and mine was difficult to crochet at times. I did a double crochet stitch (you can find a beginner’s crochet tutorial on youtube). I chained 20 and then I made four rows. With a little patience, I’m sure I can make more. Isn’t it cool what you find when you least expect it? This cute little scrubby has already lasted for 3 months and it’s gentle enough on my pans and dishes. And the thicker one I made holds up better for tough scrubbing.


Did you ever find something you knew you could make at home and then make it? Show us. 🙂


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