One word and a few goals

Moving into the new year, I have been a little late on getting you my goals for the new year. The reason is that I haven’t been completely sure what my goals are. However, after some thought and reflection, I have decided what my goals will be. I have also decided to come up with one or two “words” for the new year.

The idea behind one word was inspired from my friend Kele, and is simply the act of finding one word that you will use to describe what you want your new year to be. Since hearing my friend Kele talk about this on social media, I have found that a lot of people do this. I decided on a couple of words, because I couldn’t find just one to sum it up.

Here are my goals and my word:

Words: Reset, Rest, and Focus


1. To be used in my church in a way that benefits others and allows Christ to shine through me.

2. To be more present in my daily life, which includes putting away social media in the evenings (this one is hard for me).

3. To start a savings (see our posts on the 52 week money challenge).

4. To finish my newest book, and start revising and editing my old book.

5. To be more positive.

6. To eat healthy and lose weight. My goal is to lose 60 pounds.

I’m sure there are other smaller goals, but this is the gist of what I want in my new year. What are your goals or resolutions for the new year?

Want to find your own words for the new year, but don’t know where to start? Check out this post from our friends at SITS





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