Gift Guru

I am not a gift guru. I am horrible at giving gifts, but I love to do it. My husband, on the other hand, is like the Oprah of gift giving. So every year, when I plot and plan for his gifts, I fail miserably… let’s not talk about the time I got him the same movie twice for Christmas… a movie he didn’t like. Yeah, he didn’t like it any better the second time he opened it, than he did the first time. If I used the words “Epic Fail” (which I don’t, because I hate them), this would be the time to use them.

This year for Valentine’s Day though… I killed it. I’m serious, friends, I did it. I plotted for about a month and got a babysitter (and a back up babysitter), and bought tickets to one of his favorite bands. My husband likes indie bands that most people haven’t heard of, so tickets were cheap… like cheap… for floor seats. I have him his gift, and he was SO EXCITED. FINALLY!! I did it. I got him a most amazing, wicked awesome, smashing, (and all those other phrases) gift!!

So Saturday, when all you other weirdos are eating chocolate and expensive dinners, my husband and I will be sitting at a tiny little venue listening to G Love and the Special Sauce.

This is my excited face.

What are your Valentine gift fails and successes?

~ Aleah


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