While walking through Walmart yesterday, my little three-year-old proved me wrong in a matter of seconds…with a box of dryer sheets. I was waiting patiently at the deli for my cheese. They do that thing where they lay two pieces of cheese out on it’s own sheet of paper, so it takes awhile. Anyway, we’re waiting there and my daughter was stacking the box of Frozen fruit snacks (they were Frozen characters, not frozen from the freezer) on top of the box of pasta. I was impressed that she had stacked them so perfectly, but then she decided to stack the box of dryer sheets on top of the fruit snacks. Now as a parent you try to keep your kid occupied any way you can on shopping trips so I was going to let her try, but I pointed out to her that it was heavy and might knock it over. I hadn’t even gotten the word ‘over’ out of my mouth, when I looked over at her tower again and her little hands were releasing the perfectly balanced box of dryer sheets. And complete with jazz hands she smiled at me with a look that clearly implied, you were saying? Then she said, TADA!!! I burst out laughing and told her good job and she said thanks. It toppled over a little later, but the look on her face was awesome when she got it to balance on her little tower of happiness. Perhaps she’ll be an architect when she grows up. An architect/smartass. haha.


Has your kid ever outsmarted you in some way right after you said that they couldn’t do something? We’d love to hear your stories :).


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