Love is a Verb

Every time I go to a concert, I am reminded of the idea that love is a verb. I’m not sure why it happens at concerts, maybe that’s a sign that my taste in music is the bomb diggity, or maybe it’s because the musicians I choose to see in concert are so good at expressing love as a verb.

On Valentine’s Day, I surprised my husband with concert tickets to G. Love and Special Sauce. If you don’t know G. love, you should. His music is funky, and fun. So, my husband and I made a 3 hour trek to St. Louis in the freezing-ass cold to see the concert. G. Love is one of my husbands favorite musicians, so he was stoked.

As I listened to his music and watched him on stage, I was reminded again of my love of live music. But more than that, I was in awe of his spirit. He was so humble, and kind. He interacted with the audience, he took song requests from he audience, and he played two encores at which time he gave away flowers to the women in the audience, gave away bottles of his hot sauce, his guitar picks, and his hand drawn/written set list for the show.

He also allowed the first 50 people to buy merchandise to have a meet and greet after the show. My husband and I were lucky enough to take part in this. We got pictures with him, we talked (about him favoriting my tweet I sent), and I even got a hug and a kiss on the cheek from him. (I know… Swoon, die, squeal)

Once I regained my ability to speak and breathe, I remembered that love truly is a verb. He took the time to show his fans love by genuinely engaging with them. His music and his personality exude the love and humility he has in his heart. You can tell by watching him that he is just a kind person.

I have repeatedly seen this at almost every concert I have been to. People who understand they are truly blessed and take the time to practice the act of love. Maybe I see this because it is at concerts where I truly feel the most at home, and like I am where I should be. I would sell everything I own and spend the rest of my life going to concerts, if I could.

However, I found my reminder, I found it this weekend. I want to be more diligent about expressing love as a verb. I want the people around me to walk away knowing they are loved.

Love is a verb, friends.



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