Book Review – Keep It Shut

Let’s be honest for a moment friends… my mouth gets me in a whole lot of trouble sometimes. I have this condition known as verbal vomit. Sometimes, words spill out when they should, in all honesty, just stay way deep down inside.

When I saw Karen Ehman’s book Keep It Shut up for review on Book Look Bloggers, I jumped on it. The tagline on the book is, “What to say, How to say it, and when to say nothing at all.” That right there, just drew me in. This is a Biblically based book, so I really enjoyed it, as a goal for my new year is to dive deeper into the word of God.

I fell immediately in love with this book, my favorite chapter was titled “Stop Filling the Gap: Learning to Listen.” I am a “fill the silence” type of person. I don’t love silence when I am with people. To me silence means awkwardness. One of the things I love about my sweet boss, Shalyn, is that she is a GREAT listener. I can tell when I am talking to her, that she is truly listening and digesting what I am saying… and I love that. So, this was a chapter in the book that I really soaked in.

Karen Ehman is a beautiful writer. I love how she gently speaks truth without making the reader feel condemned. I loved a quote in the chapter mentioned above, where Karen says, “If we want to avoid offending our friends – or committing any number of verbal sins – we need to learn to control our lips.” 

I would recommend this book to anyone looking at what the Bible specifically says about the things that come out of our mouth. This was a great read!


Thank you Book Look for offering this book in exchange for my honest review. 


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