Dear Snotty Teenage Girls

Dear Snotty Teenage Girls,

I understand that in your angsty teenage state, you think that you live in a cone of silence, where the world is something beyond you. You don’t. I also understand that you think you have the right to tear others down. You don’t.

I don’t know if this gives you joy, or if you even care or understand how much you are hurting someone else. Right now, I don’t care about your feelings. Right now, I care that you hurt my sweet little girl.

The little girl that walked in-front of you in mismatched clothing, heard your snotty remarks. When we got in the car, she cried. She’s 8. She doesn’t understand the harsh realities of this mean and cruel world, and she shouldn’t have to. Again, she’s 8.

Here’s what you don’t understand. That little girl, she is amazing. And one day, she is going to take the world by storm. She possesses more personality and fire in her little body than your snotty, stuck-up little minds could ever imagine. And yet, even at 8 years old, she is starting to understand insecurity and self-doubt. Two things that little girls should never have to understand.

She should have the right to be innocent. To be free. To wear mismatched clothing, and to be her own funky little person. But, because of mean girls like you, she doesn’t have that freedom.

I had a conversation with my daughter today, that I had hoped to not have for a while. We talked about girls like you, and how you desire to make others feel bad about themselves because you can’t bear to look at your own faults, and you are scared to not fit in. We talked about learning to love the person you really are, and having your own style, your own footprint in this world, regardless of what everyone else says to you.

She cheered up, and crunched her mini churros quietly in the backseat. She will bounce back from this, and she will become the most amazing, strong, self-assured woman. Because, I will die before I let people like you ruin her self image.

I hope that one day you wake up and understand the small and horrible life you are living. I hope your mothers hear you speaking to someone like this, and they make you understand the wrath of a momma bear in the way I wish I could have. But most of all, I hope you wake up one day and you see how important it is to support females of all ages, shapes, and sizes in a world that seeks to destroy women so fervently.

My daughter will be great, your comments will not live with her past today… I promise I will make it my life’s mission to make sure they don’t.



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