And the Oscar goes to…

I’m not a huge fan of awards shows for the award purpose. I watch for a few specific purposes.

1) to see the beautiful people (okay, specifically men)
2) to see if someone slips up (wardrobe malfunction, curse words… You get the picture)
3) the dresses… Let’s be real everyone wants to see the latest and greatest (and maybe edgy) fashions.

With that being said, I watched this year and decided to put my thoughts to paper. After reading them, I decided to share them with you. So, here goes.

– Neil Patrick Harris (NPH), okay. He was good last year. I could be okay with this.
– that cheesy opening song… Really? Okay. Really?
– okay, either NPH isn’t that funny, or the audience doesn’t have a pulse. Crickets anyone?
– Ookaaay, now we’re talking… Adam Levine. Hello tat sleeves.
– Can we just pause to appreciate the beauty that is a sexy man in a fitted suit? I mean, literally, can I pause this show to appreciate that for a minute?
– Does Channing Tatum even know how to read? I mean, really. Because that was just… Awkwabad.
– There has never been a man more suited to the role of Captain America as Chris Evans. I mean, look at him. He is classy, sexy, all American… He completely embodies Captain America.
– Mmmm. The Chris’… Pine and Evans that is.
-Moe and I would like to know if there is a world in which a Chris sandwich exists? If so, how can one of us become the cheese in that man sandwich? (Her idea really, but I agree, it’s a valid question).
– Grand Budapest Hotel… I don’t get it. Did I miss something?
– Jason Bateman. Lookin’ good.
– Can Jared Leto just stare at me all day, every day? #thoseeyes #butmaybewithoutthebeard
– Meryl Streep. Wonderful as always.
– Jennifer Hudson. Beautiful woman, beautiful voice.
– Is Jennifer Aniston going backwards in age? That woman is beautiful!!
– Who decides who presents which awards? How do you decide who is “best
composer” worthy and “best actress” worthy?
– Chris Pine crying… I’m done. I can’t even.
– Oh, there’s Jared Leto again. Hello.
– Lady Gaga… Okay, she surprised me. She was good. But, that dress did
her no favors.
– Is Julie Andrews a robot? I think she might be. She is right? No. Are you sure?
– I don’t know who this Graham Moore kid is, but his group needs an Oscar for the most excited response for the night. His speech was so good, right??!! Wow. “Stay Weird, Stay Different” yes, a million times.
– Bradley Cooper. Hee-aay
– Eddie Redmayne. So humble.
– What is that thing on Matthew McConnaughey’s face??? Eww. Beards are
sexy, that dead animal is not.
– Where is NPH? Did they decide he was so awful, they kicked him off the
rest of the show?
– Julianne Moore totally deserved that Oscar!!!! She is wonderful! Aww. And her reaction! Aww. I love it.



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