Magnetic Make-Up Board

I saw this pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago, turning a piece of metal and a frame into a magnetic make-up board, and was dying to try to make my own. 

Here is my Pinspiration.

Cute, right!?! 

I wanted to use materials I already had around to make mine… Which was simple since my husband owns a metal building business with his family and we always have scraps of sheet metal at our disposal. 

So, I had he following supplies:

Notice the two different kinds of sheet metal. I am in love with the waved silver metal above, and I am trying to use it in my house in every, single way I can. 


Take apart your frame, and lay the glass aside, find a scrap of fabric to fit around your sheet metal. Cover the sheet metal in your adhesive of choice –  either spray adhesive (will work the best), or regular permanent glue brushed on. Then wrap your fabric around, and smooth down. 

Lay your fabric covered sheet into the frame, and put he backing back into place. 


put button magnets on your makeup. TIP: stick to magnetism get lighter things like compacts, blushes, eye shadow, lipsticks, etc. anything too heavy won’t stick because the magnets aren’t strong enough. 

End Result:

Easy, peasy!  

I liked this, but decided it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. So, I made this…

I feel like it fit in my space better, and utilized the waved metal I loved. I am so happy with this set up and after a week, I’m still loving it! I love it because it keeps everything organized and within reach, but also let’s me see everything I have so nothing gets lost in the drawer. As you can see, some of my magnets aren’t super strong, I ran out of button magnets and had to use something else I had, which wasn’t strong enough. I have since replaced them with stronger button magnets. 

I was worried about the cost effectiveness of this, because who wants to have to buy magnets for every piece of makeup you buy?! But, I realized that doing it like this puts my longest lasting pieces on magnets, and then I am only replacing a few items every few months. A pack of button magnets only costs a couple of dollars, so it’s not that expensive. The organization factor outweighed the cost for me.

What do you think!? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

~ Aleah


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