Wandering Little Feet

I was grumpy this morning. Not overly so, but enough to get irritated over little things that usually don’t bother me. While making PB&J sandwiches for lunch, I hear her little feet stomping down the hallway like I do every morning. She races her way out of her room. And standing there with peanut butter on the knife, it dawns on me how lucky I am. Her first waking thought is to seek me out for a hug. So her loud footsteps get closer and big sis gets a quick “good morning” out to her before she’s rounding the corner. I’m already crouching low when she makes it to me with a “hi Mommy” and I gather her up into my arms in a hug and plop her on my lap. “Hi puddin’ pop,” I say and her big smile washes away my irritation right away. She flew down the hallway just to say hi to me first thing and to get the hug that she only wanted from me. She won’t always be so small, so I think I’m going to soak it up for as long as I can.


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