Week 1 Writing Prompt Response #writeon

The writing prompt for the week was to write about a favorite, funny, etc. childhood memory.

This was actually difficult for me, because, as I have shared in the past, I don’t have a ton of childhood memories. However, I do have a few favorite memories that stand out to me.

My favorite childhood memories are Christmas’ as a child. My parents would take us to my aunt’s house and we would all sleep over. On Christmas, we would wake up and have homemade biscuits and gravy, and then all of us would open presents together. We had so much fun opening gifts together. We all still talk about this and about how much fun it was to spend those moments together as children.

Usually, midway through the day, my dad’s sister would come and get us and we would then spend the remainder of the day with my dad and his family. This, although a much different experience, was just as treasured and loved.

In both instances, we formed such strong bonds with our cousins, that to this day, stand out. As an adult, I have strived to help my kids feel close to their cousins. These are moments we will always treasure.



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