Where’s Crumb?


We’ve had our Crumb since he was a pup. When we adopted him, his name was Montgomery and we discussed keeping that name, but it just didn’t suit him. We even tried calling him Monty and realized that shortening it didn’t work either, and the name had to go.  We thought up his new name on the way home from the shelter.  He didn’t look like a Boba, Han, or a Chewie, so those were out, and there was no way we were naming him Luke, Yoda, Anakin, or Darth either.  So finally I said, what if we name him Salacious Crumb but we call him Crumb for short, and we both liked that idea.  I digress (Star Wars does that to me).

One afternoon, I forget what we were doing, but Josh came into the kitchen from the garage and said, “Is Crumb inside?” I was like, “I don’t know, let me check.” I checked his beds and he wasn’t on any of them, so I said, “no, I guess he’s outside”. It seems silly not to know, but when he’s inside he’s quiet and rests a lot. Also, any one of the girls can let him out so if he’s by the door, they just let him out because our fence is never unlocked and he loves to run around in the yard or lie on the back deck in the sun. So now I’m already worried as I walk to the back, sliding door to call for him. Josh still hasn’t said why, so I’m thinking maybe there’s a stray dog roaming or something and he wants him in to be safe.

This is not the case. What’s really going on is Josh noticed that the fence slat that he just glued back into place is lying on the ground, leaving a gap big enough for Crumb to get out. Immediately we’re yelling his name. Let’s face it, pets are just silly, furry kids and the panic of them being lost is real. I was shaking with fear hoping it wouldn’t turn out like our other dog Jack. He got out just a week or two after we got him and got hit, and we didn’t get a new dog for a long time after that.

We hollered and hollered for Crumb and our neighbor came to the end of her walkway and asked if we were looking for a dog. We said yes and she told us she had seen one just a little while ago, but she wasn’t sure who it belonged to. It hadn’t been very long since she’d seen him, so Josh was about to hop in the truck to scour the neighborhood. Maybe he hadn’t gotten far. And just as he turned to get the keys, guess who trots up to the lady’s yard again, ears flapping, tongue out, doing his doggy strut, full swag…yep, it was Crumb.

If I hadn’t been so relieved, I might have choked the little stinker. I was hard-pressed not to yell out, Salacious Crumb, you get your butt over here now, mister! Josh yelled once for him in his stern dad voice and Crumb, bless his heart, comes galloping over like he’s thinking, Hey, there you guys are!!! What’s up, what happened? Why do you look worried? Did you see that woman? I like her grass! This neighborhood is awesome! I need to walk more!

Josh just told him to go inside. There was no use scolding him. He didn’t realize he’d done anything wrong, he’d just figured his yard was bigger now. We fixed the slats and he hasn’t gotten out since, but I do NOT want to go through that again. Between him and the girls, one of them is bound to give me a heart attack before I make it to 35! Damn kids!! 😉


Do you have any funny or crazy pet stories? We’d love to hear them. We have a writing contest going on for the next few weeks. Just check out Wednesday for your prompt and details on how to enter and win. #writeon



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