Pet Smash #writeon

One of my favorite pet stories involves the dog my mom had when I was in high school. My mom had a great dane, this dog was so funny. Her full name was “Ima Little Cocoa Bean,” and she was funny. She had this crazy personality. She would back up to the couch and sit with her front legs on the floor and her hind legs up on the couch and just sit there.

She would also “talk back” when you disciplined her.

One day, my parents were gone and my best-friend Val was over with her cousin Justin. We were all messing around, running in and out – being teenagers. We were playing with the dog, and she took off running and ran right through the screen door. Just ripped the screen right out of the door.

The three of us just stood there. Silent. Then all the sudden, burst out laughing. We thought we were going to be in so much trouble. We weren’t. But still, to this day, my friend and I talk about this.

What’s your best/favorite/funniest pet story?



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