Keeping up Appearances #writeon

So, my funny/embarrassing story comes courtest of a sick day at home this week. 

I was on day 4 of a migraine… I had been vomiting for two days and had vision problems because of this.  I was sick, and I mean, sick. So, I stayed home from work and decided to sleep it off. 

My sweet friend, came by with a sonic drink and medicine, but I was DEAD to the world, and didn’t hear her knock, so she left it on the porch. Flash forward to about 11AM and I hear this loud banging on my front door. I jump up and run to the door – pajamas, wild hair, glasses, and sleep face. I was looking a hot mess. 

I fling the door open and standing in front of me are two internet repair guys with a look of bewilderment on their faces. Keep in mind, I knew these guys were coming, I was just expecting them about 3 hours later. I muster everything within me to compose myself in my sleep state, and say “Hi!” as cheerefully as possible. 

“Hi.” says the man who I assume is the lead dog on this thing. “Um, we are here to fix your internet.”

“Okay, come on in,” I say, kicking the toys and clothes away from my feet. (I’ve been sick for 4 days guys… truth… my house was a MESS.)

“Thanks.” He musters, still giving me a look of terror mixed with fear and disgust. “Oh, by the way, you have a bag of pills on your porch.”

FACEPALM. I laugh and say, “Oh good, my migraine medication.” And scoop up the pills and the Sonic drink.

I quickly text my friend and say, “Hey. Thanks for the meds and drink. Also, thanks for totally making me look like a drug addict to the internet repair man.”

Word of advice… if your friend offers to bring you migraine medication, have them leave them in a place that isn’t right next to your front door. 

Have an embarrassing story? Share it with us and get registered to win a gift card!! 



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