I Think I’m Gonna Have a Heart Attack and Die from that Surprise!!

Just after I turned 16, my sisters and sister-in-law decided to take me out to the movies for my present. I was really excited. However, there was one problem. I had nothing nice to wear out. So I threw on my least favorite pair of pants (which coincidentally was the only clean pair) and a shirt and figured noone would care anyway, and, it’s dark at the movies…right?

While waiting to get picked up, I decided to call one of my friends. She wasn’t home though. My other friend Josh, was at our friend Markus’ house. And so was everyone else I called. Everyone was somewhere and I was a little upset that I had been left out. But I realized that I was going out too and called one last friend. She wasn’t home either, so I  ended up talking to her sister until my own sisters finally got there. I never suspected a thing.

When we pulled up to my sister-in-law’s house, I noticed a lot of cars. But they were parked near the neighbor’s yard, so I commented that someone must be having a big party. I walked through the door and it didn’t even register that people were saying surprise. My thoughts were more like this:  What’s Ray (my brother from Vermont) doing here? And Maggie (my niece), is she going to the movies too? Josh? Nicole?Markus?!!! But they weren’t home before. Oh. Ohhhhhh!! Crap! This is for me, and I’m wearing the hideous green pants…and Josh is here!!!! (Insert mental facepalm here)Why didn’t I do laundry?!

It finally registers that someone asked me if I was surprised? I really was. I was so overwhelmed. I remember sort of crouching down, covering my eyes, and starting to cry. I had been so upset that not one of my friends had been home and now here they all were sitting with my whole family, smiling and smirking at me. All this love was for me.

This was my first birthday without my mom. I had expected it to go unnoticed because she was gone, but my family and friends really made it so special and I was blown away. I’ll never forget being so surprised. I left my house expecting to have a great night at the movies and had an even better night laughing and hanging out with everyone I loved.


What’s your favorite birthday memory? Did you wish for a goldfish? Did you have a gigantic cake? Did your mom or dad drop your cake before they made it to the table? We’d love to hear about it! 🙂


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