Hey Girl, Happy Birthday!

Shout out to Aleah Helton today!! It’s her birthday. I wanted to point out a very easy way to let your bestie know you’re thinking of them on their birthday. 🙂 It’s as easy as finding a picture, taking a screenshot, cropping it, and sharing it in a comment. I sent her over 20 pictures today of sexy, talented men wishing her happy birthday! No crazy grand gestures needed, just a fun, loving way to let her know that I love her and to brighten her day. If you have a friend with a birthday coming up, find some fun birthday memes for them and send them throughout the day and I bet that friend will be smiling like crazy at the end of their day. Letting someone know you care is always a good idea, especially on their birthday. Hey girl, I love you. Happy Birthday Aleah! 🙂



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