I’m a big kid now…

Yesterday I turned 34, and something hit me… I’m an adult. 

What the heck!? When did that happen? A few years ago someone in their 20s would have been “my age,” now someone in their 20s is a baby. I don’t specifically remember a moment when I thought “it’s time to be an adult now.” I just know that somewhere in the last year or two, I have realized that as much as I might feel like I’m 18 or 19… I’m not. 😦 I have wrinkles, and stress, and anxiety, and bills, and kids, and all those things that grown ups have. 

In all those things that make me “feel” like an adult, I still look like I’m a teenager… so I guess I’ve got that going for me. One of these days all you suckers will be looking all old, and I’ll still be rocking out with my baby face pretending to be 10 years younger than I actually am. 

I’m going to be the best cougar ever one of these days. 



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