U-C-O-N-N! UCONN! UCONN! U…Ooo Look, It’s a Pretty Wall!

My funniest college memory is both crazy and stupid. 1998. It was a big year for the UConn men’s basketball team. They won the championship and the whole school threw one giant party. I remember the parking lot being turned into a makeshift dance club. It was like magic. A DJ appeared out of nowhere and we were dancing to reggae mixes and Mary J. Blige.

Speaking of Mary J., there was a cloud of smoke hanging there, suspended in the air right above us.  I remember thinking, how are these people getting away with smoking weed right out in the open? Apparently, you can get away with a lot when you win a major basketball game! Go figure. I didn’t realize I had gotten a contact high until we got home.

My roommate smoked weed, but she always had everything well-ventilated and didn’t smoke all the time, so I rarely smelled it. But when we got home I boldly looked at her and declared, “I bet you I can run up the wall fast enough to reach the ceiling!!”  I would imagine you’re now wondering if I actually tried to. I did. I’m sure a small portion of you are also wondering if, or maybe even hoping, I succeeded. I did not.

I actually stepped back and took what I thought to be an amazing running charge. I got one foot on the wall and then the second and then stared up at my feet when I fell right on my ass. As I gazed at my feet, I pouted and said, “Aww man, I really thought that would work!” My roommate was laughing hysterically at my failed attempt and said “Dude, you’re high!”

First and last time I was ever high. Mainly because if I tried to run up the wall on a contact high, what on Earth was I going to do if I was fully high. Smh. Never again.



Have you ever done something so dumb, you sort of hoped it was a dream?  Tell me all about it ;).


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