Road Trippin #writeon

This week’s writing prompt was to tell a favorite high school or college story. 

I have so many awesome stories for those times of my life, but I have to say my favorites come from my first year of college. My roommate and I were from the same town, and both had a spirit of mischief. We would, of course, use our time together wisely, and take road trips. 

Most of the time, we would drive a few hours north and see our friend Tom at college; sometimes we would drive to other towns for other reason. One thing that never changed was the amount of fun we had on our trips. I can’t pick just one story from this time that stands out to me, because they are all funny and precious to me.

We would car dance, we would laugh, we would even cry –  but, we would always have a fun time. 

What are your best memories from high school or college? Share them here with the chance to win one of two gifts cards! 



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