A Rose by any Other Name… 

I remember singing a song as a child with the lyrics, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves he little children of the world.”

This song reminded me that no matter who I was, or who I became, or what I looked like, Jesus loved me. Always. Without condition.

Last night, I sat heartbroken as I watched some close to me becoming very hurt by a decision a town in our state had made. Voters went out droves to pass an ordinance that made discrimination legal. 

How, in this day and age, do we stand by and allow discrimination to go by unnoticed? How? 

We stand behind religion and use it as an excuse to bully people. We decide that we must pass laws to regulate our country that are founded in religion. The problem with this thinking is that we don’t live in a one religion country. In fact, our country was found by men who wanted to escape a country that tried to rule by one religion.

I am a God-fearing Christian. I love Jesus, and I believe Jesus died for me. I do not believe it is my right, or obligation to make everyone else believe as I believe. 

I want to say, though, that what happened on our state last night was not a religion issue. It was a heart issue. It was a step that took us backwards in time… Not forward. 

We stepped back into a place where we use God as an excuse to discriminate against others. We are one step away from lynchings and mob mentality against someone we are different from.

I am disgusted. 

I am hurting for my family and friends who are directly affected by this decision. I am hurting for the future of our country in a place where we allow bullying and discrimination – in the name of God. I am hurting for my children and the world they are going to raise their children in. 

I am hurting. 

This decision affects people I love… and that makes me angry. I hate this so much. I hate that we have made it so easy and convenient for people to be horrible people. 

Discrimination is discrimination, no matter how you sugar coat it. I couldn’t give you a turd wrapped in glitter and convince you it was candy. So don’t give me discrimination wrapped in glitter and call it freedom.

Shame on you Springfield, MO. Shame on you.



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