Say What Now?

Soooo, I’m going to tell you a story about my grandparents the way I remember it. It was an eye-opening conversation, so bear with me. It may not be verbatim, but you’ll get the gist of it pretty quickly.

I want you to picture me sitting in my aunt’s dining room. We had just finished eating lunch. Josh and I were visiting with just our oldest daughter at the time (I think). I can’t remember how we came around to the subject, but I asked my aunt what my grandma’s (her mom’s) last name was before she married my grandpa.

Now, you know that part in the movie when someone says something so shocking that the record player scratches loudly and the room goes quiet?! That’s the exact noise I heard in my head when my aunt answered with, “she didn’t.” 

I said, “wait, what do you mean she didn’t change her last name?”

She said, “her last name was Arsenault too, so she didn’t have to change it.”

I gasped. “They were cousins?!!! I didn’t know that!! That seems like something I should know!! Why didn’t you tell me?”

I want to acknowledge that my husband at this point was hysterically laughing, almost to the point of tears. And the shit turns to my aunt and says, “I love you Aunt Lorraine, that explains so much!”

She just chuckled in her raspy way and shook her head. She explained that back then (we’re talking the 1920’s) there were mostly only four or five main family names in P.E.I, Canada where my grandparents lived. This meant that the chances of meeting and falling for a relation, were pretty high. She never told me if they were first cousins or not, but to this day Josh likes to remind me that my grandparents were related whenever I do something particularly stupid.

I think I look pretty normal. Maybe they were 22nd cousins ;). -Moe


Did you ever find out something about your family that shocked the hell out of you? Tell us, tell us!! 🙂


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