There is something happening in our country right now, something that has been happening for quite some time, but since the Ferguson, MO incident – longer even- has snowballed. Protest. But, it’s not actually protest. 

It’s, rioting. It’s people deciding they can destroy other people’s property or harm other individuals because they are upset. 

Friends, I understand we live in a world where racism occurs. I see it. I hear about it. I know it’s there.

I think something has happened though, and the true meaning of racism has been lost behind anger and an idea of oppression. I say idea because I think there are people who truly just look for ways to be discriminated against. Again, I know it’s there, I truly do. 

But, we have lost the ability to have police authority in our country. We have lost the ability to peacefully protest against something we disagree with. We have lost the ability for both citizens and authority figures to have a voice of any kind. 

What’s happening across our country is not protest. It does not prove a point. It does not show that injustice is being done. 

It shows hate. It shows an inability to be level headed. It shows that we are raising a generation of people who cannot accept when they are told they are wrong, or can’t do something. It shows spoiled people. It perpetuates a stereotype… A stereotype that so many have fought so long to break. 

It makes me sad to have my children grow up in this world. It makes me angry. 

I beg of you to join me in working to break this cycle. Please help to educate our youth and show them the proper ways to protest an injustice. Please help me to get involved in our communities, and reach those young people who need our help so desperately. 

If you don’t know how to get involved, contact your city hall or chamber of commerce. Contact a local church, or youth center. Contact your local schools. Contact us, we will help you find a place to be involved. 

Get involved. Help to be the change. Help to break a cycle of violence. 



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