I left my heart in HB #summerseries

We’ve challenged our readers to share your favorite summer or vacation stories to kick off summer. Today, I want to share my best summer memory of my adult life.

Two summers ago, our family took a trip to California. This was the first trip our family had taken there by ourselves, without family members. It turned out to be the most amazing blessing we could have received.

We drove to California, via Colorado and Utah, and we were able to take our time and enjoy the things that we wanted to do. We were able to go hiking and drive at our own pace. This is something we haven’t ever been able to do, because we have always traveled with family… and anyone who has traveled with family knows how hard it is to try to please everyone, so sacrifices are always made.

On this particular trip, we were able to make such wonderful connections with our California family that we hadn’t been able to make before. We spent time with them where they were focused on our family, and we were focused on them. No one’s attention was split between 20 people. I cherish the time I got to spend with our Aunt, and I am so thankful for the connection that we made.

It refreshed our family in a way that we so desperately needed, and we said we will do solo vacations for as long as we can.  This was the first vacation we have taken where I came home feeling relaxed, and not feeling like I needed a vacation to recover from vacation.


Do you have a cherished, funny, or awful summer or vacation story to share? Share it here with us for your chance to win a Sonic gift card!! 


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