We don’t eat poop #kidstory

My daughter was the weirdest little thing ever. She has no fear, and when she was little it was evident in the number of non-food things she ate. She has eaten fish food (at my brother’s house), chewed on a broken light bulb from the trash, eaten dirt, but by far there was one that out-grossed them all.

She was around 18 months, and I went in to wake her up one morning, to find her already awake, naked, and poop smeared all over the wall, crib, and herself. Just as I bent to pick her up, she licked her poop covered hand.

I screamed, “EWW!! NO we don’t eat poop!! Yucky!!”

She looked at me with her sweet little smile and said, “Yummy!” and took another big lick before I could grab her hands to stop her.

My son loves to tell all his friends how his sister eats poop.


Do you have a disgusting, funny, or cute story to share about your kids, or a kid you know? Share it here with #kidstory for your chance to win a $20 gift card.


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