Thinking Out Loud

I know Aleah already gave you the details of our Ed Sheeran concert, but I thought I’d share my thoughts about it too. I am always amazed at the emotions of a concert. They seem to take physical form. When you are surrounded by thousands of people singing together, combined with an artist with a passion for his music, the feeling is surreal. We stood the entire time, which was about three hours. And for three hours, I was a part of something grander than myself. Being in a sea of people, singing along to music that I love and getting so lost to it all, is the closest I’ve ever come to real magic. I loved watching the thousands of hands swaying in the air almost as much as I loved watching Mr. Sheeran perform. That man is amazing. The harmonies and sounds that he creates with his mouth are sinful. I would hear a certain hum or growl or high note, and it would immediately vibrate through my body. I was tingling with energy the entire time, like a live wire. If you ever get the chance to watch this man sing, I urge you to take it. Go and watch him make music. You won’t regret it.

What was your favorite concert ever?


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