An Interview with Moe’s Body

Moe: Thank you for taking the time to sit down with me for this interview. We here at HOH  have never had a live body to interview before.

Moe’s body: Oh, it’s no problem. I go wherever Moe goes anyway, so I was bound to link up with HOH eventually.

Moe: Let’s get down to it. Is it hard being Moe’s body? Go on, you can tell us the truth.

Moe’s body: Well, it’s no picnic. She eats crappy sometimes, which really makes her stomach aggravated every time it has to expand. Renovations aren’t easy. There are stretch marks involved sometimes and it’s costly too, when new pants have to be bought.

Moe: I can see how that kind of weight fluctuation could be frustrating. I understand Moe is exercising again? Is that true?

Moe’s body: Oh Lord, don’t get me started on Moe and exercising! Do you know her left shoulder still isn’t speaking to me? And her calves are dangerously close to going on strike. Her knees, especially the right one, keep trying to give up and end up acting wobbly during yoga. Her lower back is giving me the silent treatment after pull-ups the other day, and I swear I don’t know how, but her left tricep gave me the stink eye on Tuesday!

Moe: Sheesh, what on Earth is she doing to you?

Moe’s body: She decided to be cute and “try P90X” again. If you ask me, I think there’s an imbalance there. You know that three out of four of her grandparents share the same last name, right? You’ve heard of a family tree? She has a wreath!

Moe: Wow! It sounds like you are in for some tough times.

Moe’s Body: Tell me about it. One more lunge, and I’m pretty sure the left knee is going to get pissed and revolt.

Moe: Do you think she’ll make it?

Moe’s body: Who knows? Yesterday, I just lied down on the ground. There’s only so much I can take. She puts me through so much. She doesn’t sleep enough and she barely drinks enough water. It’s a seesaw of emotions and change.

Moe: Well, I sure do appreciate you taking the time out to talk with me today.

Moe’s body: You’re welcome. I have to go break up an argument now between the lower back and the upper left arm.  The lower back says it hurts more… sigh.

Moe: That concludes our interview for today HOH friends. Next week I may get an exclusive with Moe’s mind. 😉


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