Mad Science Monday #summerseries

We are getting ready to kick off our summer series here at HOH, and we are so excited to share with you what we will be doing every day this summer! Our two families are not taking vacations this year, so we wanted something to do to keep our kids from driving us bat-shit crazy.

We have planned (with a few laughs and a lot of tears) some fantastic and inexpensive activities to keep our kiddos entertained, and us sane, for the summer.  Here is a list of what we will be doing for Mad Science Monday throughout the months of June and July. Check back everyday this week to see a preview of what we will do on each themed day.

Mad Science Monday Preview:

Homemade Oobleck

Rubber Eggs

Paper Mache Volcanoes

Sidewalk Chalk Paint

Sponge Capsules

If you participate with us, and try any of our activities, share your experiences with us. Tag us on Facebook or Twitter so we can see your photos.

Moe and Aleah


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